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Streets of Dubai

The United Arab Emirates: a culture shock

By boat to another world We take the ferry from Iran to cross the Persian Gulf to the United Arab Emirates. At 5 a.m. we are at the port because,…

The beating heart of the ancient Silk Road (Iran part 2)

We continue our journey through Iran and have now arrived about halfway across the country. Isfahan is an oasis in the desert and, with 1.8 million inhabitants, the third largest…

‘Welcome to Iran my friends’

Iran! A country we knew in advance that traveling was going to be a challenge. Getting a visa, no way to get money from an ATM, the climate, the rules….

Turkey (part 3): The road to Cappadocia and further east!

Tüz Gölü / Salt Lake We cycle further into central Turkey and are now in Central Anatolia. Tuz Gölü (literal translation = salt lake) is our first goal. On the…

Turkey (part 2): we are tong-tied!

Perhaps our speechlessness is also the reason why this blog has been so long in coming again! Read on and maybe you’ll be as amazed as we are…. After a…

Greece and Turkey: “We are not rich, but rich at heart”

WE ARE (VERY BRIEFLY) IN GREECE! We ride with a tailwind at high speed towards the Greek border. When we cross the bridge, the Bulgarian border post looms up first….